Our Craftsmanship

Offering timeless designs to be enjoyed for a lifetime, the value of Aston Court is found in our quality, craftsmanship and personal service. With a nod to the past and time-honored techniques, we offer authentically designed traditional reproduction furniture.  Our heirloom quality English reproduction furnishings feature exquisite, handcrafted detail and timeless design.  We offer a small assortment of stunning styles from the formal 18th Century renowned English cabinetmakers as well as casual hand-planed designs with a European farmhouse flair.

We source our entire collection from one English owned factory that has been perfecting their manufacturing processes for nearly 35 years.  Our high end, luxury furniture line is hand-crafted using the finest crotch mahogany and burls.  Adhering to all traditional methods of English construction, our dedicated craftsmen use a variety of the finest and most beautiful woods and veneers sourced worldwide for their distinct beauty and characteristics.  Our timeless designs, hand selected materials and tedious attention to detail result in pieces of heirloom quality that will endure and gracefully age over generations to come.

Bench-Made Workmanship and Artistic Quality

The consistency, depth and clarity of the carvings and finishes are rare in today’s market of mass-produced products. Evident in every piece of furniture is intricate attention to the smallest details, whether a piece of hardware, hand painted flower or leaf, carving or intricate inlays all done by hand.

Because each piece is skillfully bench-made and crafted by hand, rather than on an assembly line, Aston Court furnishings look richer, exude quality and exhibit a detail and depth of finish than can’t be achieved on a mass production line.  Indeed, our pieces take on an artistic quality, as all details are done by hand – from the carving, veneering, marquetry inlay and chinoiserie to tooled gold leafing and casting.

Aston Court furnishings achieve the highest quality standards, including solid oak drawer construction with dovetail joinery in front and rear, along with stained back panels and solid brass hardware and embellishments. In addition to our bench-made furniture; all hardware and brass embellishments are custom produced utilizing a rare technique called “Lost Wax”.  This technique is done in the factory’s foundry All brass parts are made in house, allowing a customization of hardware to the exact proportion of each piece, perfectly complementing each item and achieving jewelry-like detail.

Attentive Customer Service Driven by Relationships

 As a family-owned company, Aston Court is driven by relationships. We aspire to build and nurture partnerships. Offering customized solutions and attentive service, we have the flexibility and creativity to respond to your needs and solve problems.

Offering timeless design to be enjoyed for a lifetime, the value of Aston Court is found in our quality, craftsmanship and personal service.